Thursday, January 1, 2015

January Currently

It's that time!! Farley's New Year Currently!

Listening - I live for The Walking Dead Marathons :-D I know, I know, not something many teachers would freely admit to, but I got hooked the summer between Seasons 3 & 4 and haven't looked back since. I'm fascinated with the character study, the zombies are just filler really, let's be honest. That I totally crush on Glenn, love a good guy who turns better!

Loving - I've been in my jeans since break started. Ya know had to look somewhat presentable while back home. I finally got home to my house last night and pulled out the sweat pants after I ran to the grocery this morning to get the dogs some food, which I had neglected to buy before leaving town. It's raining and it's cold outside, I have the heat on and my babies by my side, it's all good right now.

Thinking - I had planned on cleaning house before I left town and when I came back, but the only thing I've accomplished is doing laundry for the clothes I wanted to bring with me when I went home. I have high hopes, but I can always find other stuff that needs to get done before cleaning house ;)

Wanting - The whole cleaning thing, lol. Plus, the trip home was an emotional roller coaster. My family argued and nagged each other, then my sister's dog fell off the couch (touch & go for a couple days), then my dog had an allergic reaction and the ER vet let me know that she also has a heart murmur :( then my niece's dog had to have spinal surgery for a bulging disc. I need a vacation from vacation.

Needing - I just put the cabbage on and hopefully it'll be ready by dinner time, fingers crossed. Should've done that right after I put away the groceries :-/

Yes - So it happens every year, I get behind on grading papers and keeping up with paperwork :( It got really scary this time though, being in a testing grade is no joke! So with my erin condren planners (life, teacher, deskpads) I'm gonna be on top of it this next semester! I also began selling chloe & isabel jewelry, I LOVE IT! I started to help out pay for graduate school, but I really like the company and the ladies involved so I want to start making a more concerted effort to prosper with the business.

Maybe - I'll lose a little weight. I love the elliptical machine & purchased one this past summer, but it sits in my front room still in pieces waiting for me to put it together and begin using it. Once I do, soon, I promise, I'll be able to get on it and ellipse my way to my clothes fitting better ;) {Disclaimer: I am NOT one of those women who always goes on diets, never have been. I'm comfortable in my own skin and actually perceive myself as thinner than I am, but I still know what looks okay on me clothes-wise. This is just for fun really, I like the machine and it's not like "working out" I'm one who needs to be tricked into working out}.

I Wish - My dream vacation ITALY. I was a fine arts minor and I've always wanted to go, day, maybe if I throw in some $$ planning I could save up for the trip. Maybe my jewelry business profits can go toward that trip ;)